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Videojogos 2018

10th Conference on Videogame Sciences and Arts
Porto, 21 November

Videojogos 2018, the Conference on Videogame Sciences and Arts will be held on November 21, organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, and the Society of Video Games Sciences (SPCV).

The annual conferences of the SPCV promote scientific culture, research, and the videogame industry in Portugal. These conferences are attended by researchers and professionals in the expanded field of videogames, to disseminate work and exchange experiences between the academic community and industry.




Time Room Session
09:00 Foyer Registration
09:30 Foyer

Arcade Room (Demo Session)


Collateral Damage
André Ferreira

Quatro em dominó
Clara Junqueira

Clara Junqueira

Fish the Migrants
Elizabeth Larez

Noughts and Crosses: A Monopoly Game
Inês Ferreira

Marxism Quest
Joana Silva

Polyominoes & Amoebas
José Raimundo

“Invasive Plants” – a Serious Game for Environmental Awareness
Liliana Santos, Pedro Reis, Filipe Costa, Mario Esteves and Ricardo Teixeira

Food for thought
Mariana Rato / Miriam Rebelo

Cláudia Gomes / Gaya Rebello / Inês Ferreira

Carolina Bonzinho, Marta Areosa, Aurora Peixoto and Pedro Amado

AND Game (collab + competitive)
Viviane Peçaibes


Posters Session


“Invasive Plants” – a Serious Game for Environmental Awareness
Liliana Santos, Pedro Reis, Filipe Costa, Mario Esteves and Ricardo Teixeira

Digital Games in Portugal: Gender Asymmetries in Higher Education
Luciana Lima and Ricardo Queirós

Gamers4Nature: Game creation tools to promote Environment and Biodiversity preservation awareness
Pedro Beça, Ana Isabel Barreto Furtado Franco De Albuquerque Veloso, Rita Costa Bonifácio Selores Santos, Milena Marina Amaral
Dos Santos Matos, Eduardo Manuel Silva Loureiro Alves Ferreira and Gonçalo João Ribeiro Gomes

Carolina Bonzinho, Marta Areosa, Aurora Peixoto and Pedro Amado

10:30 Foyer / Cafeteria

Coffee break


11:00 Auditorium

Opening Session


Videojogos 2018 Chair
SPCV President
i2ADS Director (in representation)
FBAUP Director (in representation)


11:10 Auditorium

Communications Session A
Moderated by: Leonel Morgado


Extended Play at Faraday Museum
João Barreto, Patricia Gouveia and Rui Prada

Game design for environmental awareness - the case of "Invasive Plants"
Liliana Santos, António Coelho and Rui Nóbrega

Building creative literacy skills through cooperative and competitive gameplay (a case study)
José Raimundo, Pedro Cardoso, Antonio Coelho, Joao Jacob, Miguel Carvalhais

Military confrontations simulator for the training of army officers
Tiago J. Pereira and Pedro A. Santos



Lunch break




Communications Session B
Moderated by: António Coelho


Development of a Serious Game to Auxiliate the Teaching of Chemistry
Higor Soares, Jorge Aikes and Fausto Mourato

A Virtual Reality Game to teach Organic Chemistry
Iris Rodrigues and Rui Prada

A Platform for the Geometry Friends Cooperative Game AI Competition
Ricardo Costa, Rui Prada and Francisco S. Melo

A review of Management Tools for OpenSimulator
Bruno Vicente, Fernando Pais de Sousa, Leonel Morgado, Pedro Furtado and João Pascoal Faria

Mapping the Gamification: a Bibliometric Analysis in Academic Literature
Vitor Nicolau and Raquel Rebouças


15:30 Foyer / Cafeteria

Coffee break


16:00 Auditorium

Communications Session C
Moderated by: Ricardo Melo


Chatting as interface in mobile gaming – a case study of player experience in Bury Me, My Love
Terhi Marttila

Music, interaction and cinematicability: between Bound and Abzû
Joana Freitas

Gaming as Performance
Ana Margarida Pessoa, Pedro Cardoso and Miguel Carvalhais

Mise-en-jeu: A Framework for Analysing the Visual Grammar of Platform Videogames
João Pedro Ribeiro, Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Cardoso

Empathy manifestations in interspecies Game Design experiences
Fabrício Fava


18:00 Auditorium

Keynote Session


André Sier


18:55 Auditorium

Closing Session


19:00 MIL / Room 105

SPCV General Assembly


20:30 Restaurant

Conference Dinner



Keynote Speaker

André Sier vector portrait

Non Human Human Art Sci Constructs. André Sier works artistically with code and interactive media at s373.net/x studios, where he combines videogames, installations, painting, sculpture, music, mathematics and computation into objects and experiences of electronic arts, merging mythology, interfaces, generative interactive space-time continuums. In the past 21 years has produced objects and serial interactive work that playfully unravel time and space relations, synthesized on electronic substrates, shown at over 27 individual national and international exhibitions. André Sier is an electronic artist trained in sciences, arts, computing, with a degree in philosophy, lecturing in electronic arts, pursuing PhD in technoetic arts.


Important dates

Delivery of final versions for publication: 17 December

Submission of proposals




Up to 10 pages. Full Papers should aim for mature work with clear contributions, otherwise opt for a Short Paper. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and allotted 15 minutes presentation time at the conference. Authors of a selection of the best papers will be invited to submit an expanded version (20 pages) for a forthcoming special issue of the Portuguese Journal of Computational Sciences (Revista de Ciências da Computação).


Featuring 2 pages, posters should present novel ideas, research proposals or frameworks, or ongoing projects or research in early stages. The first page must include the title, keywords and an abstract up to 400 words with references. The second page must include the proposed poster to be presented (DIN A1 format, vertical orientation). The posters will be displayed during the conference and authors are encouraged to present and discuss them in the social interaction moments.


3 to 4 page description paper. Proposals should provide a clear description of the work, one or more URLs for access to relevant media assets, and a technical rider (layout, setup, required equipment). Demos will be a crucial part of the conference. They will be present on location between all sessions, and participants will be able to play them during breaks. The proceedings will publish an extended abstract to be provided by the authors after the conference.

Submission Details

We will accept papers, posters and demos written in English. Authors and their affiliation, or associate institutions must be omitted for all submission categories. Revisions will be double-blind. Please make sure that the files are completely anonymized (i.e. also omit author-related information in the text or as explicit self-citations, notes and bibliography).

All submissions must follow the conference templates:

The submission can only be done electronically, in PDF format, through the EasyChair platform.

Poster authors must submit the final versions of the poster in PDF format (one page) to the conference email

The accepted papers will be published digitally, in open access, with ISBN.



***Final registration deadline: 18 November***


Full registration: 250€ (early) / 300€ (late).

One author per paper. Authors, researchers, students or participants with institutional affiliation (e.g. company, university, research unit).


Reduced registration: 50€ (early) / 100€ (late).

Non-presenting co-authors, authors without institutional affiliation, general public.


Associate members of the SPCV: 100€ (early) / 125€ (late)

Authors, or presenting members of the SPCV association.


Higher education students of Porto: 5€

Special promotional price defined to the community of students from Porto enrolled in a higher education institution. Atendants must provide a valid student ID during registration.


All authors and attending participants must register and complete the payment according to the online instructions in the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/t7XUYgXYnKFnrlOw1


Registration includes only the entry to conference sessions. The conference dinner and social events are not included.


The conference presentations (papers, demos, posters & keynote speakers) will take place at the Almeida Garrett public library.

The Social Event and the General Assembly locations will be announced soon.

Scientific Committee